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It’s officially the middle of summer somehow (time flies!) which means the temperature outside is about as hot as it is going to get in most places this year. If you’ve been a reader of our blog for some time you’ll know we preach about how important it is to take care of your skin in general, but especially in the hot summer months.

We wanted to post a refresher (no pun intended) on things to keep in mind for your skin during the hot summer months. Enjoy!

It isn’t just about products: water is the first step

It’s incredible how many people will go out of their way to create an extensive skin care routine but won’t consider diet or lifestyle at all. Staying hydrated is probably the best thing you could do for your skin – it helps naturally nourish your skin (not to mention it’s great for your health in general).

We recommend always carrying a water bottle with you and drinking more water than usual during the summertime. This is even more true if you’re planning on drinking any alcohol (particularly in the sun).

Learn how to prepare ahead of time

One of the best things you can do to make sure your skin stays healthy in the summertime is to prepare for summer far in advance. In other words, think about how you might want to change your skincare regime up and have those products handy early on so that when summer hits you are ready to go.

It’s also helpful to know how your skin reacts to different products and temperatures (not everyone’s skin is the same – the more you do this the more the regiment becomes personalized to you).

Up your sun protection game

We recommend using some sort of sun protection product year round since UV rays are present regardless of how hot it actually is. However, it’s true that in the summer it is hotter and the sun is more exposed to us so in general it’s a good idea to use more product diligently (particularly when on beaches or swimming).

Speaking of sun… don’t burn!

It’s extremely easy to burn in the summer and that is definitely unhealthy for your skin. Remember: even if the sun isn’t directly out and is being blocked by clouds you can get burnt, so in general you want to be aware of what the temperature is and use everything in your arsenal to fight getting burnt. Sitting in the shade, wearing sunscreen, wearing caps, and wearing glasses are all very basic things that could be the difference between you being burnt or not.


As we mentioned earlier, it’s really about knowing your skin and the weather conditions of where you are. It’s hotter in the summer which is why this post is a good reminder, but really you should be aware of your situation year round and know how to adjust accordingly.

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