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A personalized skin consultation enables you to accurately care for your skin and improve your skin results or address specific skin issues. In some cases, in-clinic treatments are recommended for you to achieve better and faster results or you could even be referred to a medical professional.

Known as the body’s largest organ, the skin is more complicated than you think.  The skin, the brain, and the gut have elaborate connections with each other.  Various health issues are detected on the skin, and most of the time, the skin shows the early signs that something is going on in the body.  

As an example, there are 11 ways that diabetes manifests on the skin.  Sometimes the patient may appear to have rosacea but the bigger picture is that it is caused by lupus.  Sometimes dry and flaky skin is a tell-tale sign of hypothyroidism, which is linked to the malfunction of the sweat glands. Dark and puffy skin under the eyes may be linked to certain allergies. General paleness may be linked to anemia.  Itchy and reddish bumps that form patches on the skin may be related to coeliac disease, which is an immune disease in the small intestine. 

An aesthetician is in no place to diagnose illnesses but when they are well-trained, they can advise you to see a doctor to look into any possible health concerns you may have. 

There is no debate about prevention being better than cure. PEAR Elite is a skin analysis system which is definitely a great tool for prevention.  Prevention promotes savings.  Finding out your health issues even before they require expensive treatment or cure saves you an enormous time, effort and money.  So if you are looking to target your skin health but you are also working on a budget, an extensive skin analysis will prove to be worth the money you spend.

Most people are unaware of the importance and benefits of a skin analysis done by a professional skincare expert. As it goes through aging, skin undergoes various changes.  A skin analysis can help you figure out how your skin is changing and which skincare products you need to use to tackle those changes. Skin analysis allows you to be aware of any issues with your skin and enables you to address these issues.  Skin problems or more serious illnesses can then be prevented.

Everyone knows how important having healthy skin is.  The skin protects the internal organs from dangerous elements and environmental hazards. The skin is also responsible for the regulation of body temperature and producing vitamin D from sun exposure. When you have healthy skin, you have a positive self-image which gives you more confidence.

A skin analysis is a key step in determining your correct skin type and the appropriate products that can effectively address your skin’s condition.   The prime benefit of skin analysis is prevention. Knowledge over your skin, its issues and condition gives you the edge.  Being aware of what lies beneath your skin, like invisible sun damage, gives you the chance to prevent such damage from worsening later on in life.

The benefits to getting a skin analysis done from a premier skin analysis machine by a professional skincare expert is significant.  An analysis enables you to determine if you have any allergies or sensitivities to particular products.  If you are struggling with severe acne, blackheads, or other skin conditions, it can help you determine the root cause of the problem so you can explore various treatment options. Just as everyone’s skin differ, getting a skin analysis is a great way to have a personalized routine with the best skincare products for your needs. 

Your skin is unique and having a skincare routine designed only for you is a great way to save time and money.  No more guessing if a product works for you.  No more wasting money on products that never work.   That is why skin analysis is a must to make having healthy skin happen. You will find out how life changing it is to know what to do and which products can help you. 

When you get a skin analysis, you will have significant discoveries about your skin and learn how to prevent further damage not just on your skin but also the organs it protects.  

You will feel confident and empowered because getting a skin analysis allows you to take control of your skin issues and your overall health. You will feel confident about having taken the best possible care your skin needs and that you know you have done everything you can to protect from all hazards known to harm the skin. You know that what you are doing to skin works because your own skin was analyzed.  Best of all, the benefits do not have to break the bank.  Skin analysis zeroes in on prevention and that is key in working on a budget.  Something life changing does not have to cost a lot of money.  

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