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Skin care is in the middle of two extremely popular industries (especially at the moment). On the one hand, you have cosmetics. On the other, you have health/beauty. Between social media, the news, and new influencers popping up every day there is essentially limitless content between these two topics.

While that’s great, it leads to complications of its own. For example, it could be overwhelming or difficult to keep up with the pace of news and products. In this post, we want to highlight the top trends we are currently seeing in the skin care space.

Customized Skin Care

A very popular trend with a lot of products now a days is personalization – people like to feel like something was designed specifically for them. The same is true for skin care! In fact, it’s even more important for skin care than it is for a regular products. The fact of the matter is not every person will have the same needs for their skin. Certain skin types will react differently to various products, and certain people simply don’t need certain products.

Now it holds true that most people still need a similar skin care regiment, but lately we are seeing more and more brands offering a personalized skin care product experience.

CBD/Herbal Products

CBD is all over the news and blogs lately, and for good reason! It’s healthy, and there are a lot of positives to using CBD. However, it isn’t just CBD that we’re seeing become more popular in skin care products. We are seeing more products use hemp seed oil and other herbal and natural ingredients.

The point here is the trend seems to be that more people are interested in organic products for their skin care routines, and more companies are starting to provide products that fit that description.

Technology (Hello 3D)

Technology is evolving all around us – this is especially true in the cosmetic and medical industries. Perhaps one of the most popular trends at the moment involving skin care is various 3D involvement. For example, you have 3D facial scanning (like our Pear 3D product). You also have promises of 3D printed sheet masks from companies like Neutrogena.

While the trend is 3D now, the major trend is technology and its ever-growing influence in the cosmetic and health world.

Got any other trends that we’ve missed? Let us know what they are below!

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