How DermaQuip’s Products Can Help Aesthetic Professionals

Do you want to grow your business as an aesthetic professional? Having the right technologies may help you do so. After all, clients can’t reasonably argue with good results and any technology that allows you to provide better service should help you toward that goal.

If you’re an aesthetic professional who is eager to advance his or her practice, DermaQuip offers several products that you might be interested in. Take a look at these below and how they may be helpful for aesthetic professionals.


PEAR 3D is a facial imaging tool that allows you to examine your clients’ skin in 3D. It provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Monitor whether treatments are successful
  • Potentially identify issues that may come up in the future
  • Recommend products and services

The last point is important. Of course, you could do this on your own. However, the PEAR 3D assists you with this process, which may make it more effective.

And the others are also notable. For instance, by monitoring whether treatments are successful, you should be able to provide an enhanced level of service and retain more customers. And if you’re able to identify more issues that may arise later, you may be able to recommend more preventative procedures.


The PEAR 1 is another one of DermaQuip’s facial imaging products. It will allow you to assess targeted areas, examine comparative graphical analysis, examine variations in pigment and skin tone and more.

Benefits you might experience as an aesthetic professional when using this product include:

  • Improved consultations
  • Suggestions for preventative procedures
  • Validated treatment strategies

And of course, if it helps you improve your consultations and suggest preventative procedures, that should help your business grow. If you’re also able to validate your treatment strategies thanks to the PEAR 1, that should help you provide an enhanced level of service, which should be good news for both your clients and your practice in general.

Renu Pen

DermaQuip’s Renu Pen is a micro needling pen. It crafts porations in skin, which permits products and serums to go in further and get to damaged cells. It causes a perceived need for the skin to fix itself, which permits direct blood flow, amends the collagen and reconstructs the fibroblasts.

As an aesthetic professional, the Renu Pen may be useful for helping you treat fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, smoker’s lines, stretch marks and more. It does not make any noise, requires little to no downtime and its design should provide negligible pain, which should be relatively good news for your patients if they’re concerned about discomfort during their procedures. It also has an ergonomic design, which should help you perform services in a comfortable manner.

Final Word

If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level and think one of these products could help you do so, contact DermaQuip at 1-844-244-2544 or through the contact form.

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