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Starting a new skincare product means you know the importance of taking care of your skin. Eyeing for new products also means you are looking for compatibility. In other words, there are specific chemicals incorporated in these products that are perfect for your skin. Hence, there is an underlying question behind. How are you going to know skin compatibility in relation to using new skincare products?

The answer to that is skin consultation. It only means that you need to consult with accredited skin care specialists in identifying what kind of skincare products are best for your skin. For instance, the PEAR Elite skin analysis by Dermaquip is a way of identifying strengths and weaknesses of the skin. It is part of their consultation process that offers a detailed skin analysis.

It uses Smart Facial Recognition System which allows overall analysis of the skin recognizing aspects such as the pores, wrinkles, sun damage, oil, bacteria, pigment, skin tone, elasticity, skin age, and redness. Once all of these conditions are examined, you will become familiar with specific chemicals contained in various products that may or may not harm your skin. 

Moreover, individuals who kept trying new skincare products without consulting with skin care professionals are likely to have skin irritations and breakouts. On the other hand, those who did consultation before using a product, are at a lesser risk of skin-related mishaps. Hence, skin consultation is a crucial part in introducing new skincare products to your skin.  It provides safety and avoids skin irritation from trying products you are not familiar with. 

As such, for you to know more about the relevance of skin consultation, here are some helpful insights about what happens during the consultation process and how it gives you an edge in choosing new skincare products. 

Registration And Consultation Form 

The first step during the consultation process is to fill up the necessary documents. If it is your first time, your information should be registered in the database first. Then, you fill up the consultation form. There will be some questions pertaining to the condition of your skin and other relevant information such as medical history, lifestyle, and current skincare routine. 

Your honesty in putting accurate answers in the form is crucial in identifying the root cause of your current skin condition or it will be difficult to ascertain and assess the compatible test to conduct. Hence, you need to be as accurate as possible in filling up the consultation form.

Preliminary Consultation And Visual Analysis 

Preliminary consultation includes initial interview with the specialist and visual analysis. The interview will be based on the information you filled in the consultation form. You will now be discussing your lifestyle, your current skincare routine, and medical history.

Moreover, visual analysis  will also be conducted to assess the current state of your skin. It will help identify what areas or aspects need further inspection and/or if it is necessary to conduct tests and analysis.

Conducting Skin Analysis 

The highlight of skin consultation is skin analysis. Analyzing the condition of your skin would now require in-depth procedure. Skin care clinics utilize high tech machines solely used to analyze the skin. It will help check every aspect of the skin such as the pores, if there are wrinkles, amount of sun damage, oil present, bacteria, condition of pigment and skin tone, skin elasticity, the age of the skin, and redness.

All of these will be calculated and tabulated. Then, the results will be generated. Afterwhich, you are now ready to proceed to the next step of the  consultation process. 

Result Discussions And Recommendations For Treatment And/Or Product Usage  

After conducting the skin analysis, the results will now be laid out. It is now time to listen closely about the current state of your skin and what are the possible reasons and causes based on the generated result. The discussion also includes which areas of your skin are more vulnerable and which aspects are less likely to be treated. 

In this stage, you will also be given recommendations, may it be a lifestyle change, stoppage in using current skincare products, or pointing you towards using certain products that are beneficial to your skin based on the result of the consultation. You will be given specifics such as what chemicals are compatible with your skin and what possible products in the market contain these harmful chemicals.  

You have to pay attention to these details. Feel free to also ask questions if things are not clear.  Afterall, it is for the sake of better skincare. Thus, you are now ready to embark on a new skincare journey.


Our skin is one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. Hence, most of us are very serious in our skincare regimens. We use skincare products that are compatible with our skin and reject those that do more harm than good. However, to take care of our skin better, skin consultation should be considered. 

Just like any other critical things such as engineering, medical practice, and the like, our skin also needs professional care. Hence, skin consultation is recommended because it helps you assess what products to use and what to avoid based on professional advice. In this way, you will worry less about the condition of your skin and you will now know how to take better care of it this time around.

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