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Questions (and answers) around micro needling part 2

If you tuned in to our blog last month, you read our article on Micro Needling. Our team broke down the 5 most common questions associated with Micro Needling (and answered them). If you missed that post, please find it here.

This month’s article is a continuation of January’s. This time we are going to get a bit more specific with Micro Needling. Let’s dive in.

What is the recovery time with micro needling?

Now that we know some of the basics regarding Micro Needling, we can get more specific. Lots of patients want to know how much downtime is expected after micro needling. This is important because it’s vital to know when you can be back on your feet!

Luckily, with micro needling, the recovery time is very minimal. At most, you will experience red skin for 24 hours. After this point, everything will return back to normal.

Does micro needling work better on certain skin colors?

No, not particularly. Micro needling is a good option for any skin type or color. There are certain procedures (such as laser tattoo removal) that get influenced a lot by skin color. Micro needling is not one of them!

Is micro needling painful?

Many patients are concerned with whether or not the procedure is painful. The answer to this question is fully dependent on the patient. Typically, patients will feel some stinging, but many times patients don’t feel any pain. It’s important to discuss the possibility of pain with your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist beforehand.

How many times can a patient get micro needling treatment?

There isn’t an exact limit, but you don’t want to get micro needling more often than every 4-6 weeks. Anything more often than that will be counter-intuitive.

Should you avoid anything after micro needling?

You will want to avoid any other procedures involving the face, and you also want to avoid using makeup for a few days. Other than that, you should be good to go!

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