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There has been a lot of chatter about medical imaging software as of late. However, chatter doesn’t always equate to clarity. This month, the team at Dermaquip decided to focus the blog on the topic of imaging software for the medical field.

We’ll discuss what it is, why it’s important, how it can be helpful, and more in the following paragraphs. Enjoy!

What is medical imaging software?

Medical imaging software is “the technique and process of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention, as well as visual representation of the function of some organs or tissues” (according to Wikipedia).

In other words, medical imaging software allows for a medical expert to create a representation of a patient’s body to be used for analysis. Simple, right?

While this sounds simple, the process for creating these machines and tools is not as simple as 1-2-3.

How is medical imaging software helpful?

Medical imaging software is helpful for a variety of reasons.


  • Diagnosing and treating various diseases with more accuracy
  • To reveal internal structures that are otherwise not visible because of bones, organs, or other internal elements of the human body
  • Identifying abnormalities
  • Establishing a basis for internal human structures and helping medical professionals further expand the field

All of the above are benefits of utilizing medical imaging software.

What is the right medical imaging software to use?

This is not an easy question to answer without more background on a specific patient. There are a variety of types of medical imaging software and tools, and they’re created for various reasons.

At Dermaquip, we have created the Pear3D and the Pear 1. These are both medical imaging software tools that help medical professionals do their job better day in and day out.

For more information on medical imaging tools, please contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

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