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We talk a lot about skin care on the Dermaquip blog. However, oftentimes we get questions about our products. Specifically, many people are interested in the technology behind our products (and products like ours). What are the benefits? Is it safe? Are there any negatives? Who are these tools for?

These are all very important questions, and we’ll hit on one of them in particular today – what is a skin analysis machine?

What is the purpose of a skin analysis machine?

Skin analysis is the process of looking at a patient’s skin to determine how healthy it is. The goal is to really identify key areas for improvement within someone’s skin regime. Traditionally, this analysis was very basic (and literally on the surface).

However, with upgraded technology we can now perform an analysis which allows professionals to look under the skin to determine how healthy it is.

The purpose of a skin analysis machine is to identify improvements to be made to a skin regime with photo-technology.

Does skin analysis hurt?

No, there is no pain associated with a skin analysis. In fact, it’s completely painless and easy.

Can there be negative side effects to skin analysis?

No, there are no associated negative side effects when it comes to skin analysis. The process is safe and doesn’t require any kind of “extra” treatment.

Where can I get a skin analysis?

Most likely, your local dermatologist and/or cosmetic professional can schedule a consultation with you (and then an appointment) to complete a skin analysis. Look around your local area online to determine what best fits your budget and needs.

What will the outcome of a skin analysis be?

Ideally, after your skin analysis you will be able to understand where you can improve your skin care regime. In other words, you’ll know if your skin is too dry, or if your skin suffers from any particular disease/complication. Your specialist will then be able to recommend what you can do to begin remedying the issue(s).

Dermaquip’s skin analysis machines are top of line and are recommended by many professionals. Request to see if your local dermatologist or cosmetologist uses Dermaquip products!

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