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It is no secret that technology is getting more advanced in the medical field. Of course, there are plenty of incredible benefits for serious, life-altering procedures such as radiation treatment or facial surgery. Often times some of the more common procedures aren’t thought of when it comes to technology improving overall effectiveness, but it absolutely does.

In this article we are going to talk about skin analysis and how the improvements in recent years has impacted the cosmetic industry as a whole, as well treatments in general.

What is skin analysis anyways?

This is a fair question. Skin analysis can be best described as the part of a professional facial (in other words a licensed esthetician) that determines a patient’s unique qualities in regards to their skin. To put it more simply, a skin analysis helps esthetician’s determine the best approach to facial treatment.

This might not sound revolutionary to some, but those that know how important this process is to the final results understand. Let’s dive in further.


What does the process look like?

The process will vary depending on the esthetician you see, the tools they use for their job, and your needs. In general, the process will be something along the lines of your esthetician covering your eyes with cotton pads, and looking at your skin under a special lamp (that is very bright, by the way) that allows the esthetician to determine skin type, complications that could occur, needs, etc.

So… the process isn’t painful?

Absolutely not! If anything, patients find the process of getting their skin analyzed to be relaxing. Look at the bright side—you’ll have some time to meditate!

What should estheticians look for in tools for skin analysis?

Again, this depends on the job. In general, you don’t want to cheap out on this. Here at Dermaquip we have our world-renown Pear-3D skin analysis system that estheticians tend to love. There are other options out there, but in the end the most important thing to consider is to go with a reputable company that has been known to put our tested products that won’t break down at the most crucial moments.

To learn more about skin analysis treatment and our Pear-3D skin analysis system, contact us today.

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